Hey, I'm Dre!


TimeOfDre Media started with a challenge to create my own corner of the internet where others would learn how to grow and scale their online business.

After many years of helping Fortune 500 companies develop their social strategies, I was inspired to focus on building profitable brands for small businesses and public figures.

Why? Because I know what it's like to see other people growing and chasing their dreams online but not having the slightest idea where to begin. It can feel so frustrating. My dedication to creating freedom for others has been the biggest joy.

I can't wait to serve you!

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30 Free Boss Babe Hashtags

Are you a female entrepreneur looking to get THOUSANDS of new eyes on your content? There is one way to do that for FREE: Hashtags!


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1x1 Private IG Business Coaching

  • Clarity on your strengths, audience, and market position so you can create an irresistible offer
  • Creating a sophisticated plan for 4-6 months that you can work easily
  • Crafting a marketing strategy that turns your fans into clients
  • Developing and implementing systems and processes that help your business scale
  • Finding blindspots in your process and resolving them proactively
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Online Courses

From The Elevated Instagram, Hashtag Hacks, and everything in between, my suite of products are designed to help you at every step of the journey on IG!


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For any of you who are on the fence about The Elevated Instagram, I just wanted to share why I decided to take the leap and signed up! Since I started implementing everything I’ve learned, I’ve become a valuable virtual assistant to other people. I’ve been able to grow my clients’ engagement, and I’ve taught them how to grow their businesses on IG, too. Last week alone I had 4 potential clients reach out to me, which more than pays for my initial investment in the course. Make a bet on your success! If you’re wanting to expand your reach, find your ideal clients, and grow your business, I highly recommend The Elevated Instagram.

~Mickey Lozano

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Working with Dre truly helped me boost my Instagram presence! After getting laid off from my previous employment, I needed help to put my graphic design services out there and Dre was the first person that came to mind. Thanks to her, I have gotten clients and exposure I thought I would not have today. Dre will be the best friend you've always wanted and I 100% recommend her to anyone who wants to start their business on Instagram!

~Arlina Roman

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The Elevated Instagram


Is This You Right Now?

You're trying to do everything right on IG but nothing seems to click?

You're watching other accounts grow but yours isn't budging?

You're SO frustrated spending time commenting only to get nothing in return?

That the algorithm is against you and makes it so hard to get visible?

Posting stresses you out so you feel frozen - it's just too complicated!

You know you're spaghetti slinging with your content and aren't seeing results?